Norwegian Christmas Dance Festival 2015


Invitation to international couples in Amateur, Youth, Senior II, Junior II & I and Juvenile II

WDSF International Open Standard
& WDSF World Open Latin

WDSF World Open Latin, WDSF International Open Standard, WDSF Open Senior II Standard & Latin, WDSF Open Youth Standard & Latin, U21 Standard, Rising Star Latin, Juvenile 2 Standard & Latin, Junior 1 & 2 Standard & Latin

11-13  DECEMBER  2015


Dance, eat and sleep at the same place. Thon Hotel Arena in Lillestrøm is 15 minute trainride from Oslo Airport Gardermoen.
Walking distance from trainstation.

(You should NOT fly to Rygge or Torp –
the bus/train fares takes 1,5 hours ais nd expensive)

Look under the Menu-item: Christmas for more information on booking hotel and registering for the competition.



=> Prelimenary timing =>

Friday 11 December (scheduled start at 18:00)

Saturday 12 December

  • Juvenile II Open Latin
  • Junior I & II Open Latin
  • WDSF Youth Open Standard
  • WDSF International Open Standard

Sunday 13 December

  • Juvenile II Open Standard
  • Junior I & II Open Standard
  • WDSF Youth Open Latin
  • WDSF World Open Latin
  • WDSF Senior II Standard

15 minutes from the airport

OSL-OSLO-train-mapLillestrøm is a small city outside Oslo with direct trainconnection to Oslo airport (OSL). After picking up your luggage, the train takes 15 minutes to Lillestrøm station and you walk over to the Thon Hotel.

If you want to visit Oslo on your trip, the train takes you effectively to downtown Oslo in just 15 minutes. 



Fly in – Dance – Fly out 

OSL-destinationmapAlmost all major cities in Europe have direct flights to Oslo airport and at price-leves any dancer can afford. Prices vary from 100EUR – 200EUR
Low cost carriers include: 

  • Norwegian, SAS, Finnair
  • Air Baltic
  • Aeroflot

But be sure to book long in advance to get the best prices.
Click on the map and visit to start planning your trip. 

Christmas in Lillestrøm 

Lillestrøm at Christmas time is a feast for the eye – and a party for your wallet – if you wish! Or just enjoy the christmas atmosphere in the homeland of christmas.

In the city-centre of Lillestrøm (3 minute walk from the hotel) there are christmas booths and many shops to enjoy or eating out.

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